Hi Ondy,

Today I put myself out there and offered a 20 min mindful meditation to my colleagues in the digital team at Alder Hey Hospital. I did it via teams virtual meeting platform so kept it very simple for people just to calm the mind and focus on the breath.

Four people came and I spoke for just 5 mins about what mindfulness is and then did an 8 minute breathing/focus/set the intention for the day type meditation.
The feedback was amazing. And on the daily virtual communication meeting with the big, BIG boss I was recognised and thanks were given. We’ve got another one on Tuesday that she wants to offer to the whole trust.

Thank you for this wonderful gift of mindfulness that I can share with my very stressed colleagues in this crazy time of trying to use technology and digital solutions to support the front line NHS staff.

On guided meditations

So helpful to connect fully with my body and release. Thank you.

A crystal clear journey through the body. Very calm, accessible and truly allowing to explore and release the tension.

The most gentle and comforting voice I want to hear while being guided through body scan and relaxation. Thank you Ondy la!