MBMT: Mindfulness-based mind training

MBMT is a unique training modality that Ondy created by blending Buddhist psychology with contemporary psychological systems that promote mental and emotional health and wellbeing. 

Through her extensive study and practice of Buddhism, and the development and experience of her work with a variety of people across all strands of society, she recognised that much of Buddhist psychology is secular in nature and does not depend on faith based ritual and belief, and is a powerfully beneficial approach to wellbeing. Utilising this systematic methodology as a base point she created training packages that are wholly relevant to our lives in a western environment by incorporating self-development and wellbeing techniques that have arisen in current western psychology research and practice. In this way, her work combines ancient wisdom with modern science. 

Mindful self-awareness has become widely recognised as a reflective practice found in Buddhist teachings that can help people combat stress and anxiety. It is a powerful starting point for comprehensive courses that support psychological and emotional health that is both sustainable and relevant to our complex and demanding lives.