Mindfulness counselling and inner management

For those who want to experience a more personal immersion into mindfulness and emotional intelligence work, Ondy is offering personal counselling sessions over Skype (globally), phone (UK residents only) or Zoom (for organizations).

The sessions are tailored to your needs. The basic format for mindfulness coaching is a 45-minute individual session which will include:

  • Personalised guided meditation
  • Talking about your mental and emotional needs and how contemplative practice might help
  • Adjusting your personal practice curriculum in ways that would most support your internal wellbeing

If you want to study mindfulness in greater depth, Ondy can take you through the curriculum of the MBMT (mindfulness-based mind training) programme, gradually developing a wide range of emotional and contemplative skills for good mental hygiene. This is best achieved with regular 1 hour sessions (ideally once a week).

Same types of work, plus more extensive workshops, can be done with organisations and groups. Tell us about your needs and we will tailor a mindfulness course best able to support the learning process. Possible topics include:

  • Introduction to mindfulness
  • Mindful emotional work
  • Mindful attitudes and dealing with life’s challenges
  • Mindful wellbeing and self-care
  • Mindful communications: effective listening and talking skills
  • Mindful models of leadership

To discuss your personal journey and needs, please email ondy@wellseeingconsultancy.co.uk – we will schedule a session depending on your time zone and availability

Basic fees are 40 pounds for a  one-hour mindfulness coaching session. The basic fees for groups/organisations is 200 pounds. Other fees can be discussed for groups/organisations and individuals experiencing financial difficulties at the moment.

Looking forward to our work together!