Ondy Willson

April 30, 2023 — Connecting to our Communities for Inner Wellbeing

April 30, 2023
5 to 7PM UK TIME

Connecting to our Communities for Inner Wellbeing

This online workshop with meditation instructor and Buddhist teacher Ondy Willson will explore the theme of establishing connection to our multiple communities: online and local, spiritual, professional, and familial. 

A sense of connection to these might be crucial for our sense wellbeing in the post-pandemic world, where many people are suffering from either loneliness and isolation or social anxiety—sometimes at the same time. In exploring this theme, we will meditate, analyze our experiences, contemplate the different ways of bridging the technological gap, and outline a healthy strategy that could help us have deeper connections in the future.

Ondy Willson is a Dharma teacher working with both Buddhist and secular approaches to genuine wellbeing. Relying on her elaborate experience as a professional educator and storyteller, Ondy has over the years taught in multiple centres and organizations in India, Latvia, Finland, Russia, the Netherlands and the UK.

Combining her understanding of the intricate social realities with the powerful traditional teachings on mind training (Tib. lojong), Ondy has supported numerous students in cultivating ethical, emotional, and contemplative skills that make one’s life more meaningful and joyful. Ondy’s new book, “Spiritual Rebellion: Why We Need to Practise Mindfulness with Attitude” – is coming out later this year.