Events in Russia, May 17 to 26

Invited by the Foundation for Contemplative Studies in Moscow, Ondy will visit Russia in May 2019. This is her seventh time teachings mindfulness and Buddhist psychology in Moscow!

Event schedule

May 17, Friday (7.30 to 9pm)
May 18-19, Saturday-Sunday (12 to 6pm
Weekend workshop: “Compassionate self-correction as a way of training the mind”

Venue: Otkrytiy Mir Center

Hearing so much about the need to achieve and do, we can easily extend the achiever mentality towards our psychological growth. What if I’m not enlightened by next Wednesday? This weekend workshop will explore the different ways of being gentle and compassionate with ourselves so that we can, indeed, gradually change our habits and become wiser and kinder people.

May 21, Tuesday (7:30 to 10:00pm)
Evening workshop: “Relaxation and observation: bringing mindfulness to the body”

Venue: Otkrytiy Mir Center

An exploration of how mindful attention to the body can allow us to develop our ability to relax, control our emotions and enhance our wellbeing.

May 22, Wednesday (7:30 to 9:30)
Evening workshop on emotional intelligence and mindfulness for women

Venue: Otkrytiy Mir Center

An evening for exploring our feelings, roles and practice together with fellow female practitioners.

May 23, Thursday (7:30 to 10:00)
Evening workshop: “Generous kindness: generosity and morality in Shantideva’s text”

Venue: Otkrytiy Mir Center

Using select verses from Shantideva’s “Guide to the Bodhisattva Way of Life”, Ondy will guide participants in an exploration of the perfections of generosity and moral discipline: how can we practise both to become kinder with ourselves and others?

May 24, Friday (7:30 to 9)
May 25 and 26, Saturday-Sunday (12:00 to 6pm)
Weekend workshop: “What’s my motive? Arousing joy of effort for personal development”

Venue: Ripa Buddhist Center

Mindfulness alone can greatly enrich our life, but what if we combine it with wise long-term aspirations? Using analytical tools, self-reflection and group work, Ondy will look into the various ways of generating wise aspirations and wishes – something perpetually relevant in both the secular and Buddhist context.

May 27 (Monday) to June 2 (Sunday)
MBMT (Mindfulness-based mind training) Train the Trainer course, part 2 

The seven days will be spent working through the remaining modules of the training and taking part in the final residential retreat.  (Only for registered participants from 2018)

News of some of Ondy’s previous trips to the Russian sangha can be read here.