Managing the Ego: 30th & 31st March, 2019

Jamyang Buddhist Centre – London.
10:00 – 17:00 each day.

A “Come prepared to be challenged!” Workshop. Topics covered:

  • who am I? – a consideration of the “self” 
  • what is the “ego”? 
  • what is the nature of my mind? 
  • how does my ego express itself? 
  • methods to manage the ego 

This course is suitable for all:

  • Any Buddhist who wishes to take a fresh approach to this central topic within Buddhist teachings – helping us to shift ingrained habits and tendencies to operate within a traditional learning structure
  • Any secular or other religious student who is dedicated to self-development and personal change to improve the quality of their inner and outer lives.
  • There will be some teaching, discussion, meditations and group work. Buddhist teachings are rich in observations and ideas around the ego but there will be an opportunity to consider other ways of understanding these profound psychological concepts and exploring our own experience and views. 


Suggested donation £70 for the weekend
(please note does not include lunch)
Booking is not mandatory but highly recommended it because Jamyang can give you a better service.
No-one will be turned away due the lack of funds. Dharma teachings run on a ‘Generosity model’, completely on voluntary donations. By donating you will help create the conditions for the teachings to be available, the meals to be served, accommodations to be clean, for the doors to be open and the lights on. Therefore people of any faith or background are welcome.

The Old Courthouse, 43 Renfrew Rd, Lambeth, London SE11 4NA, UK