March 8, Leeds: Public Talk on Genuine Women’s Liberation

Jamyang Buddhist Centre, Leeds
March 8: 6:30 to 8pm

In this public talk for International Women’s Day 2018 Buddhist teacher and practitioner Ondy Willson will share teachings and methods from Tibetan Buddhism for releasing us from the habits and conditioning that keep women from realising their full potential.

Many feminine attributes are seen as soft or weak, yet it is in these very qualities, in both women and men, that can help create a more harmonious world and balance the so called ‘masculine’ qualities the currently dominate.

Contemporary attitudes and behaviour towards women can be transformed through Buddhist practice. We think that it is external attitudes that prevent us from flourishing and finding genuine personal fulfilment, but Buddhism teaches that everything starts from the internal view we have of ourselves, and the power of our own minds.

If you make compromises to suit others, or find yourself questioning your life and your role and wonder why some women get so fed up, then join us for a stimulating and challenging evening.

In this talk Ondy will explore ways to appreciate and learn how to develop your feminine qualities, understand your ‘self’ better and develop and trust your intuition to support profound positive change. You will also hear about some great Buddhist women role models and how by developing ourselves we can help change society! After the talk there will be time for Q&A’s and refreshments.

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Suggested donation £6

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