March 10, Leeds: Making Friends with Death

Jamyang Buddhist Centre, Leeds
March 10, 10:00am to 5:00pm

In this one day workshop we will consider the teachings and practices in the rich Tibetan Buddhist tradition that will help us make death our friend.

Topics for study and contemplation on the day will include:

  • Consciousness – understanding the nature of mind
  • The Death Process – what we experience during death
  • The Intermediate Stage – the experience of becoming
  • Rebirth & Karma –  the law of cause and effect and cyclic existence
  • Our present human life – the opportunity to prepare for the future yet also make the most of what we’ve got

“From the moment we were born, we’ve been destined for death. We think dying is a big deal, worse than losing a job, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, husband or wife. That’s the wrong attitude. We think that dying is negative; that’s just our projection………The reason Tibetan Buddhism educates people to understand the death process and trains them to deal with it is so that when the time of crisis arrives and the various illusory visions arise, instead of being confused, we know what’s going on and can recognise illusions as illusions, projections as projections and fantasies as fantasies.”
Lama Thubten Yeshe

This workshop is suitable for all, whether you are Buddhist or just interested to find out more about death and dying from the Buddhist perspective.

Suggested donation £25.
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Photo by Tomas Castelazo