March 1 – 4: Mindfulness and mind training in Riga, Latvia

Upcoming events in Ganden Buddhist Meditation Centre, Riga, Latvia

Thursday 1st March, 7pm – 9pm

This workshop will provide people with an opportunity to go into themselves to experience first-hand the secrets of their sub-conscious. Guided by Ondy, the session will consist of explanations of symbolism and practical exercises that will enable you to unlock your own inner guidance to self-actualisation.

Bring something to lie on, pencils and coloured pencils.

Friday 2nd March, 7pm-9pm
The Eight Verses of Thought Transformation

A consideration of an ancient Buddhist text that is one of the most challenging teachings on transforming destructive states of mind into the path to enlightenment.

Saturday 3rd March & Sunday 4th March, 10am – 4pm
Living Mindfully

Living mindfully is a way of being that decreases anxieties and worries and strengthens our ability to develop self- esteem and confidence that can be developed and practised in every situation. This weekend course offers you the opportunity to be creative about how you think and feel, and whether you are being true to yourself or are just repeating a cycle of tired habits